Friday, August 21, 2009


Why is it that whatever the "husband" loves somehow absorbs the whole family? For example, a friend of mine who I went to H.S. with--we'll call her Sabrina--she was NEVER interested in sports and wouldn't so much as cast a glance at a game on t.v. In fact, from my best recollection, she was addicted to all things Disney-related. But then she married her husband, who is a baseball fanatic, and they now spend half of their lives watching baseball games. What's worse is that she acts like baseball is her if she has always been a fan. I hear this same story over and over again; the whole family will be sports fanatics or off-roading fanatics or whatever fanatics, all because it is the husband's/dad's passion. Paradoxically, it doesn't work the other way. If Sabrina was intersted in scrapbooking or photography or writing, you'd never see the guy coming over to her side. Female pastimes are regarded as more of a whimsical thing. It just seems that the girl is the one who ultimately compromises her interests to do what the guy wants to do. But who can blame her? If she actually attempts to retain some visage of her actual self (if there is a such thing as a "self," which I have my doubts), then she starts to experiencing a disconnect with her husband. And even if he's an awesome hubby, she can't shake off the feeling that he geniunely just doesn't give a crap about her life and interests.

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